Nadia Boucher

Senior Paralegal & Commissioner of Oaths

Our Work

I provide a wide range of paralegal services for in house counsels, as well as for small and medium sized businesses in Canada.

Whether you need paperwork completed, minutes of meetings drafted, you have license applications to do, you need external help to manage your legal files on a regular basis, legal research or just an extra set of hands for a specific project, I am available to help.

I offer bilingual, high-quality, efficient, affordable, personalized and on-demand paralegal services.

About Nadia

Always High quality service

I am a highly organized corporate-commercial paralegal with over 15 years of wide-ranging experience managing complex files, with a proven track record for supporting Legal teams within multi-national corporations. I am known for my efficiency, autonomy, great customer service and integrity.

In-House Counsel support
Annual Minute Book Maintenance
Commissioner of Oaths
Other Services

For all of your paralegal needs, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what we can do for you.